The degree symbol can be tricky to find/type in Excel.  If you are in a hurry just copy and paste the symbol here: °. You can insert it by inserting special symbols in Excel, by using “char” code in the cell or by using the computer key shortcut. There are more ways but I think these three will cover most of the needs.

Degree symbol from menu

You can insert the symbol by opening the “Insert menu”. Just follow these three steps:

First, click the “Insert” menu.

Insert menu

Second, click the symbol sign to the right.

Insert symbol

Insert symbol

Finally, choose the degree sign in the symbol archive.

Insert degree symbol


Insert degree symbol to a cell

You can also insert the degree symbol to a cell by using the “char” formula. Just type =CHAR(176) as the cell formula and press enter and it will show up


Degree symbol in cell

Formula in celll

Keyboard shortcut

There is also a keyboard shortcut to the Degree symbol. This shortcut requires a numeric keyboard (Num pad), otherwise it doesn’t work. Just type ALT+0176 where you want the symbol to be.

Keyboard shortcut to degree symbol

Keyboard shortcut


In this tutorial or shortcut article we answered the question “Where is the degree symbol hiding?”

Degree symbol

Where is the Degree symbol?

Personally, when I look back I know that I spend a few minutes every time I’m working with either angles or temperature just to find the little symbol. Therefore I’m happy that I finally got this article in print.

I hope you found one or two of the tips in this article to be useful. If you don’t use the degree symbol very often you will probably forget the shortcuts. My advice is that you bookmark this page for future use or just type “degree sign” in the search bar at You’re always welcome back for free Excel tips!



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