I have been working with Microsoft excel for more than two decades. Almost every working day I have been using Excel at least for one hour. I also have used Excel on evenings, nights, weekends and holidays. By far it has been my best work tool and the most reliable companion. In my experience there are not many people that sees the full potential of Excel. I am also surprised that there is not many people that think Excel is fun. I even think many people are afraid of Excel. The huge grid with empty cells and endless possibilities (to make errors) makes people scared… Those people don’t think Excel is fun, at all!

I started ExcelMenu.com as my own bank of tips and trix that I have learned over the years. I sometimes have a hard time to remember many of the short cuts and smart functions I have used. And I was tired of searching the web for hours or looking at tutorials for 30 minutes just to find something I just forgotten. My goal with ExcelMenu.com is to write very short but concise and use a lot of simple images. I will also provide short Video-tutorials were I think it could be helpful. The maximum length should be 1 minute! And you will never find an Excel tutorial on this website with as much text as in this article.

I hope you enjoy ExcelMenu.com and that it makes you experience of Excel a little easier and more fun. If you want to help me making the site better I’m grateful for any comment or suggestion.

Thanks for dropping by!